The Hope Project


Hi there, my name is Darick Reed.

In 2013 I completed a 4 month,1264 mile walk from Missoula, Montana to Los Angeles to spread a message of hope, and to raise awareness and funding for The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.  This is a cause that is near to my heart because close to one year ago I almost gave up on life. You can read my story here.

The walk was an amazing experience that I’ll never forget, but it was just the beginning…

In 2014 and beyond I will continue to use my story and passion to run a popular blog, help people battle fear, build a business that gives away half of its earnings to charity, speak in front of real people about hope, travel, keep fighting to raise awareness and funds for Suicide Prevention, and yes, write a book about the walk!

UPDATE: I am working to bring love and hope to Butte, Montana, where 4 teens have recently been lost to suicide. Please show your support by following our Love for Butte facebook page, or by donating here.

After more than ten years of battling with addiction and mental health issues that almost defeated me, it is simply time to WIN the war and help others by sharing how I am doing it day by day.

You can learn more about me, and how to join in on a worldwide movement for hope here, and please make sure to Like the Me Against Fear Facebook page, and follow on twitter!

You can also contact me directly by clicking here, or sign up to receive updates from MAF via email.

With Hope and Fire,

Darick Reed


15 thoughts on “The Hope Project

  1. Anny

    God follow and blessed your steps. A suicidal person must suffer a lot for keeping the unsatisfaction of life within itself pretending ve different around people. Congratulations for hold on to life and decided to help others. I blame on lack of love, understanding, on the people who don’t stop to offer a helping hand to someone in need. Now you are. I am so happy for you and happy to see that the world still have people who loves people like you!

    1. Darick Reed Post author

      Thank you for your kind words, Anny. I hid a lot of pain as I struggled inside to hold it all together, and that’s the scary part, that sometimes we’re too afraid to reach out when we are hurting inside because we are afraid of what people might think. Families and friends need to be educated about warning signs, and how to speak to someone who may be suicidal. This is why I walk…

  2. Charlotte Banish

    Dearest Darick,
    I can’t tell you how happy I am you are doing this walk to bring awareness to suicide. My beautiful 35 year old son, who was a Lt. in the NYS Police dept. took his own life on April 1, 2008. So many of his so called friends knew he was in trouble, and turned their back on him. He was afraid he was going to loose his job, but no one told him he wouldn’t.
    I thank God you are still here, that means your family didn’t have to go through the nightmare of loosing a son, brother, Uncle, friend. I can’t even begin to tell you what a broken family we still are!
    Stay strong, stay safe on your walk, and may God be with you on your travels. I pray your guardian angel watches closely over you!
    With much love,
    Charlotte Banish

    1. Darick Reed Post author

      Thank you, Charlotte. This summer I will be walking for your son, and for you and your family. We have a solid community of support building on our facebook page, so please stop by and stay in touch with us. You can also follow the walk there as well.

      Much love in return,

  3. kathy

    You are an amazing person to this ….i tried to kill myself when i was 18 and ended up in he hospital i fought so many times to not wanting to be here but i thank god everyday i am i will be 47 in nov and i have 2 beautiful daughters 25 and 26 they are what keep me going everyday thank you for doing this walk and bring attention to this cause.

    1. Darick Reed Post author

      Thank you, Kathy. I am so glad you made it through that difficult time, and have the support of your beautiful daughters today.

  4. isabell rossignol

    Hello my young friend,
    Michael Fuller is a dear friend and told
    Me your story and sent me this link. I
    Do not have much money but want to send you$25.00. Also 63 years of life. Both my parents are holocaust survivors and I grew up with no family except them. They taught me about the love of life and its beauty. You are a beautiful young man with the love of life now. Please live a long beautiful life! Tell me where to send a check.Isabell

    1. Darick Reed Post author

      Thank you so much for the kind words, and to Michael Fuller for introducing us. I do hope to live a long and beautiful life, and this experience up to this point has taught me so much. I have sent you an email with mailing address and information. :)

  5. Emily

    In April I tried to commit suicide. I love that you are doing this and when you come through my town I’m hoping I get to meet and talk to you. You are an inspiration to everyone struggling with depression. Thank you!

  6. Rhonda

    Go go go. Congratulations on the Going. Keep on keeping on. You are one special human Darrick! You’re journey is yours to cherish, but shared with us, you’ve given us more than words can say, except Thank you!

  7. Norma Helbling

    Thank you for supporting and walking for such a necessary cause. In June of this year I lost my husband, Jim to suicide. It was completely unexpected and he had shown no signs or symptoms. I am also a psych nurse and this loss has been so close to my heart that I will be working ti help improve things for those that suffer from depression, the stigma and the need for more awareness about those at risk. I thank you for walking and my two children thank you. God Bless you!!!!

    Norma Helbling

  8. Woody

    Thank you so much for your efforts Darick! I am so happy someone is taking a stand and making the world aware of the horrors of suicide and how so very real it is today.

    I lost the Love of my life on May 27th of this year. It came as a total surprise as I was completely unaware of how depressed she truly was inside. I never really saw the signs. The whole survivor experience has taken all the energy from my very soul. I felt I couldn’t go on but, through the help of other survivors, I’m finding my way.

    I hope and pray that through your efforts people might take better notice of the sadness and depression that surrounds us… not just in others but in ourselves as well.

    I so much wish I could walk this journey with you my friend!


  9. Jeremiah Scott

    Hello, my name is Jeremiah, and I have met you in person as he arrived at the same time with my good friend Chris S. by coincidence.

    I shared my story briefly with you as I picked both of you guys from Union Station in Los Angeles on October 31st, 2013. We also had a blast driving around, and we had ate good El Salvadorian food in North Los Angeles together with my gf, Blanca as well as going to Griffith Observatory. : )

    My story. 5 Suicides in total (one I chose not to mention for confidentiality purposes of the individual and family, as a final total number is six)

    On July 16th 2013, my father Isaac committed suicide in Santa Ana, CA, by self inflicted gunshot wound, and the same with his sister Barbara back in 1997 (my Aunt). 2012 and 2013 was a rough year for me, as events unfolded after a girlfriend by the name of Marlene dumping me to return to her abusive ex, and that same weekend a family friend by the name of Fieco D.V, a former Engineer who worked briefly at Broadcom on some support projects in the past, committed sucide in late May 2012. Just after this, another suicide occured in October 2012 with my good buddy that I served with in the military with, and was a counsoler after his military service for a a school. To finish it all off, my ex girlfriend of mine further back, had committed sucide just a few weeks ago in October 2013.

    For my father, Isaac, a lot of contributing factors led to his decision in as much as my Aunt, external pressures such as marital issues, workplace issues, and medical problems etc. My father had a hostile work environment while working for the City of Santa Ana with a bullying manager according to his words to my Great Aunt, and me weeks before his death (this manager of Isaac’s was attacked a long time ago by another employee) Also, my father was taking high dosages of Xanax to help him cope with depression, anxiety and worry. He was trying to rehabilitate himself by scheduling clinic appointments for therapy. In addition to this he had an onset of emphysema from all his smoking of ciggerettes, and marital issues with his second marriage. In the past I know I was there for him, because in 2001 I had taken his guns away from him and turned them into the City of Santa Ana police, and notified family and friends. Even up to weeks before his death, I called to check on him, visited with him, talked with his neighborhood friends and his great Aunt, Angie. I do remember what my last hug felt like from him, and I did tell him I love him. I feel no major guilt but I understand his despair as well as pain. He had told my Great Aunt Angie that he had felt like a failure in life, and my Aunt would say that he was not. To further compound this, we lost our Grandma Shirley, his mother on Valentines Day, 2013. It has been very painful for all of us. Most people do not realize how much stuff is left after a person committs suicide, the aftermath with clean up in terms of emotional wounds, finances, moving, and disputes etc. As a family we have been doing our very best to pull together. I had also notified Churches for help, such as Saddleback and Coast Hills in my area, and they were not able to provide much support, other than redirection to “support” services externally. I did notify Pastor Rick Warren at Saddleback Church, as his son did the same thing this year, with suicide. I did get some rapport with his staff, but not directly. I felt left high and dry, yet I had to pray and keep going. Some people had even distanced themselves from me when I shared this. Sucks, but people are naive at times and not capable of processing so much. Aside from this, I keep busy and help others where I can.

  10. Jeremiah Scott


    My session had timed out on the internet connection. I wanted to congradulate you on completing your long journey. You did very well in all of this. Not many people have the courage to stand out and accomplish what you did. I wish I had known about you earlier, and luckily for Chris, I do. : )


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